who we are

MDI has been a leader and innovator in recruitment for more than 10 strong years. We’ve learned a a few things about finding those people who can become the heart of a business. Our unique approach is a combination of our time proven impact methodology along with our subject matter industry experts designed specifically to help target the next succesful player and deliver them as the business demands

The outcome is what we like to think of as "the game changer" Your business ready to grow and prosper.

our history

  • Dedication is why we can guarantee a candidate and ultimately your rising star. MDI's commitment to you is the cornerstone of the relationship. Our pace is unparalleled as we understand the importance of the right candidate at the right time.


  • The industries came to us

    Our years of building relationships and driving success lead customers to our doorstep. We started as a small firm and focused on creating an exciting partnership with our clients. From our permanent recruiting, to staffing, to consulting; the vision is clear, candidates drive success. Our executive recruiters dedication to excellence is what retains clients and makes them come back time and again

  • At the heart of any successful business

    are its people. Who better to understand this core concept than your recruiting partner. We understand that it takes a special person to help provide a enviorment where all employees thrive. Each member is required to add their expertise to make the company prosper.



Why should you you be represented by MDI?

MDI Recruiters offers exposure to some of the most recognized and respected employers locally, regionally and across the United States.

At MDI Recruiters, we understand that as a candidate you are navigating a career not just looking for a job. We understand that it's imperative we have the knowledge of the position you desire and that is tailored to your strengths.